Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The UK Riots

Within the past week the main topic has been about the UK riots, and that white people are "being black" well that is stupid white people are not "being black" they are indulging in the gang culture which is different from the black culture, everyone can see that but in my opinon it's just a way to blame a certain group for something that isn't traditionally in their culture.

Even though it's not in the UK but the gang violence in America which happen in 1990s had gang violence and it involved a whole range of races of people not just black people.

Everyone should stop saying white people are "being black"

The people involved in the riots think they are big and hard when they are just stupid and think it's hard and cool to be involved in the gang lifestyle.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Trying to get my book published

Hey well it's been awhile since my last post but I have been working on my book that I am hoping to get published before I go to Uni and hopefully before my birthday next year.

If anyone knows how I can get it published then that would be alot of help for me.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

GCSE and AS/A Levels too easy this year!!!

A report came out today that GCSEs and AS/A levels are too easy this year. HOW? Atleast 6 exams had either questions with 4 answers that were all wrong.

Some even had questions which were missing parts of information to the question or had mis typed information.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Too Much Too Young Part 2 Internet usage

Right the most worrying thing for parents right at the moment is having their children online espically on Social Networking sites.

I agree that this is a worrying factor for anyone with a child but I also think that parents need to be aware that they shouldn't let their children have Social Networking profiles if they don't know the site like Tagged, Facebook and Myspace etc.

They also need to make sure that their children are only talking to people they know like school friends and no one else to keep them safe despite what their friends are aloud to do.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Too Much Too Young Panorama Episode Young Children Part

Hey this may be a strange first post that I am adding to my blog but I wanted to get straight into it. I am a college student currently and the episode of Panorama about sexulisation with children did make me a bit angry and this is one reason why I started this blog. This isn't an attack against what was brought up in that episode but I am just speaking my thoughts on it.

Part one I know that parents are worrying children these days are growing up too fast and that they are things that very young children shouldn't see but it's easy to keep children away from those areas than make a huge fuss.

Part 2 teenages these days will dress to make them look older only 'cos we as teenagers want to be treated as adults or even as young adults as we are growing up.
By dressing older we feel more mature it doesn't mean we want to attract older guys on purpose at like 13 but we want to grow up, as we can't live in pink dresses forever we need to grow up and our parents need to let us grow up slowly but by saying that our clothes are inappropriate it can cause more problems than to compromise between parents and their children.

Part 3 By parents thinking that we are growing up too quickly by the time we are teenagers yes we are growing up as we are entering young adulthood you can't wrap us up in cotton wool forever, if parents are worried about young teenagers from 13 - 15 getting older guys or even worried guys or girls over 16 think that your child is older than they are then you need to teach your child to say how old they really are, it really is simple to avoid situations with your child doing anything or getting involved in a relationship with an older person that could lead to something illegal you need to talk to your child.

Part 4 You can't attack companies such as Playboy on stationary items to a young child it's just a logo of a bunny rabit young children don't know the real meaning of Playboy and what it is about.
If you get WHSmith to get rid of the Playboy stationary then it wouldn't be fair on us who want to buy it ' cos it's banned.
The simple thing would be not to buy Playboy stationary for young children not complain about having it sold in shops.
Also you can't attack popstars or models for they way they show themselves it's aimed for older children not children under the age of 13, we can't blame others for what we choose our children to watch.

I watched a Brittany Spears pop video of her hit "Hit me baby one more time" and I turned out fine, as Brittany was dressed up as a school girl which when you look back on it is sexualising but as I was young child it didn't have an major effect on my life, I am a college student aiming to further a career with children.

The man Ed in this episode really did annoy me when he said he found some scary stuff for young children to wear as it's not scary at all and I don't see anything wrong with it.
Fair enough I am not a mother yet so maybe I will change my views when I am one but I really doubt it.
I don't see whats wrong with a top saying "Future footballers Wife" a child from the age of 5 or even 7 won't understand the concept of it plus there is nothing being a footballers wife
The arguement would be that is the only thing that child would want to become in their life, but really who really knows what they want to be in their life at that young age not many children.

Another thing the issue with padded bras for young girls, what is the arguement with it girls in year 5 or 6 don't pay attention to it, it can be used more for security as they don't know what its going on at that stage as they haven't been educated at that stage in life on what will happens to their bodies.

The trouble with Ed he isn't seeing both sides to the story which is what he really needs to do before he comes up with an arguement.

The trouble is that parents in my opinon aren't seeing both sides to the story but are jumping to conclusions that clothing lines, stationary lines plus our young teenagers are being sexulaised due to clothes and stationary.