Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bike Riders and Cars

I know my risks when I jump on my Suzuki GN 125cc 
I have taken my CBT and passed it but I have had my bike since May and already I have seen how dangerous car drivers can be on the road.

I was riding my bike coming off the dual carriageway and riding at the speed limit on the road I have safely moved on to however I had a car nearly pull right on top of me due to the fact that the woman had looked right but not on the direction I was travelling in.

Luckily I was able to stop and beep my horn at her to get her to see that I wasn't invisible and that I had a right to be on the road, this was in broad daylight that I was riding as well and wearing a bright high Viz jacket as well.

Even since that day I have seen more and more car drivers overtake me in dangerous places and it makes me angry as one day I will or maybe have someone knock me off my bike and injury me.

I am not like a lot of bike drivers I don't just wear a helmet and that is that.

I wear my helmet, my waterproof bike gloves, my jacket which has armor in the arms, my steel top capped boots that cover my ankles as well as my trousers which have knees and hip armor all of these are textiles compared to leather, leather is better but textile is better than regular jeans and a top.

When I see other bike riders wearing only a helmet as their protection I feel ill and cringe as I know if they come off even at a low speed the damage that can be done to your body.

Not all bike riders are safe riders that is not what I am trying to get across here but the fact that car drivers need to be more aware of motorbikes and scooters, however I think it should be made into a test that all car drivers should take and if they fail then they should have to go on lessons on how to watch out for bikers all something like that.

I will never stop loving bikes but I know my risk when I get on my bike as on a bike I don't have any protection unlike a car you have a mental casing and also the windscreen.

BUT!!! I don't want to have car drivers not care about me or think just because I am on L plates that I know nothing I want car drivers to think more rather than do then think after an accident or even after a close call as I have nearly had two close calls one with me on my bike alone and one as a pillion on my fiance's bike and after the one when I was on the back of his GPZ 500 that shook me up as the one who gets the worse injuries on a bike if there is a pillion on it it the pillion.